Eiffel Marketing case study presented to Harvard Business Analytics Program


Giving thanks! I just received one of the biggest honors of my life: My case study was selected by Harvard Business Analytics Program.

This year, I am thankful for my family, my business, HBAP and this amazing horse that I get to ride on the weekends, Dancing Through The Storm.

She helps me deliver a message of gratitude and Thanksgiving in this video. Check it out!

Video transcript: Today I am here with my friend, Dancing Through The Storm.
I just had one of the biggest honors of my life this week. My case study about my startup, Eiffel Marketing, was selected by Harvard and I had the opportunity to crowdsource analysis from my colleagues in the Harvard Business Analytics Program live online through a Zoom conference.

In the case, I discussed the following elements:
brand development of my company,
a significant digital opportunity that I now have,
value creation for my customers,
how the opportunity is a differentiator,
the impact on my business and operating model.

My professors and colleagues in the Harvard Business Analytics Program not only encouraged me, some provided their professional opinions on my case. Their ideas and perspective are an inspiration to me and really helped spark some new ideas to help clients succeed.
For this, I am forever thankful. Encouraging others is one way to give back and is a powerful gift. I am going to do some pro bono work for a local charity and help them try to raise awareness of their mission.
I’m Renee Bourbeau, Founder and CEO of Eiffel Marketing, and Happy Thanksgiving!

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