Eiffel Marketing

Amazon Your Business

  • Customer-centric marketing solutions
  • Customer awareness and feedback to improve product and service offering
  • Make businesses easier to work with to increase sales
  • Sync up with changing customer demands to remain competitive
  • Build your brand around your customer
Eiffel Marketing

Business Analytics

  • Improve CX (customer experience)¬†
  • Feedback loop to capture reviews of products and services to build loyalty
  • Organize data to maximize its benefit
  • CX assessment (treat us like a client, let us give you feedback)
Eiffel Marketing


  • Use data to target advertising and marketing efforts
  • Media releases
  • Publicity
  • Marketing materials
  • Market research
  • Speech writing
Eiffel Marketing

Leadership Development

  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Value creation and value capture strategies
  • Culture development
  • Managing change effectively
  • Emerging technologies/data translation
Eiffel Marketing

Digital Media

  • Social media strategy
  • Online advertising
  • Content development
Eiffel Marketing

Business Development

  • Relationship building
  • Maximize vendor relationships
  • Competition analysis
  • Customer profile¬†
  • Sales strategy & training

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